About Us

At Baskerville-Donovan, Inc., we bring eight decades of engineering experience to every client we serve! Any firm that has been in business for more than eight decades has been doing things right.


In 1927, when BDI first opened for business in Pensacola, Florida, there were less than 2 million Floridians living in the entire state. In those days, Florida was a small, rural state with (seemingly) unlimited environmental and natural resources. With over 17 million Florida residents today, our company continues to play an important role in the transformation of both Florida and the Southeast Region. From the beginning, our firm has been defined by local presence and local offices. Every project, large or small, has a direct impact on the quality of life for the Baskerville-Donovan professionals involved in the planning and engineering process. In every case, we ensure that a substantial contingent of our design team lives and works within a short drive of project areas. We take personal ownership and pride in the projects we engineer.

We specialize in local government consulting. In fact, across our company, almost 80% of our clients are local city and county governments. Around the company, our staff understands the needs and challenges of the professionally managed local government. We understand how important it is to seamlessly integrate our team with the clients we serve. Our responsive staff becomes a valuable and qualified extension of the client’s professional staff.

Our office locations are carefully selected to help us better serve the needs of our local government clients. Today, our local government clients are served from 5 office locations in 5 operating regions. Our offices are each fully staffed and equipped with the latest technology, software and engineering production systems. At Baskerville-Donovan, Inc., there are no “ghost” operations; each office is a vibrant, fully operational engineering and land surveying production center. Our intense focus on (and understanding of) local government ensures that our clients have continuous access to high-quality, locally available staff. We have been an integral part of the infrastructural transformation of many of our small towns and rural counties to modern, world-class communities.

We build strong relationships within our communities and maintain an active presence in local community, professional and business organizations. We drink the water, drive on the roads and send our kids to school in the same communities that we help design. To keep up to date on current events, Baskerville-Donovan professionals regularly attend public meetings and professional association conferences. Our experience clearly demonstrates that a well-informed and involved staff provides our clients with superior products and services.