Holley By The Sea Drainage Improvements Questionnaire

For your convenience, there are three ways to complete this questionnaire:

  1. Fill out the form below online and submit.
  2. Download the PDF. Open and complete by filling in the hi-lighted boxes within the PDF.  Save.  Mail back to the address given.
  3. Download the PDF. Print and fill in the questionnaire by hand.  Mail back to the address given.

HBTS Questionnaire

FOR QUESTIONS?  The hotline is (850) 316-8987 and the email address is HBTS@baskervilledonovan.com.


Santa Rosa County is conducting a watershed study within the Holley by the Sea development. The watershed study will provide an overall view of drainage within Holley by the Sea with an emphasis on identifying projects that will alleviate flooding and improve drainage conditions. Participation in this questionnaire is voluntary.

The following questionnaire has been prepared to identify and evaluate drainage, flooding and/or stormwater runoff related water quality problems within your area. Please fill it out as completely as possible. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
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