Michael D. Langston, P.E. Celebrates 20 Years of Service

Michael D. Langston, P.E. Civil Engineer and Project Manager celebrated 20 years of Service with Baskerville-Donovan (BDI).  Mike started with BDI in 1995.  With over 25 years of engineering experience, Mike specializes in commercial and residential land development.  During his tenure with BDI, his responsibilities have included planning, designing, permitting and drafting for land development projects.  He has also been involved in infrastructure planning for public entities and design of roadways, stormwater management systems, water distribution systems and wastewater collection systems.   In addition, his management experience over the years has provided effective coordination between engineering design and construction and has served as a valuable resource and mentor for many BDI engineers.  Mike is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology and is affiliated with the Florida Engineering Society and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Congratulations Mike!

Mike Langston small