Funding Assistance

For many of our clients, the initial infrastructure investment required to support economic growth cannot be realized without addressing critical capital development concerns. In response to this growing need, over recent years, funding development has become a specialized area of our practice.

Almost all of our projects for cities, counties, utilities, special districts, and state agencies require some efforts in Planning, Public Administration, and Governmental Affairs if they are to be successful.

Baskerville-Donovan, Inc. has found that our clients appreciate working with an engineering firm that is intimately involved in program development and funding assistance. The key to our enormous success is simple: as engineers, we have the advantage of a detailed technical understanding of the programs we are supporting. Within the fine details of any program are opportunities for program enhancements and alternative funding strategies.

BDI’s corporate mission includes comprehensive Program Development and Funding. This approach increases the emphasis on public and private project initiation from numerous federal, state and local funding assistance programs.