Subsurface Utility Engineering

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is the process of identifying and labeling underground utility mains and lateral service lines. These lines may include electric, gas, water, telecommunications, sewer, storm drains, street lights, site lighting, and irrigation. This process can be for new utilities, upgrading of existing utilities, and roadway construction or improvements.

Having subsurface utilities located during the survey and before the design and construction will significantly reduce the chance of conflicts and change orders. Striking an underground utility can result in costly repairs and disrupt vital services.

Our Locating, Marking & Mapping Services:

  • Underground Utilities
  • Water & Sewer Lines
  • Gas Lines
  • Concrete Pipe Lines
  • Plastic Conduit
  • Fiber Optic Lines
  • Cable Lines
  • Drainage Systems
  • Irrigation Lines